We are committed to adopting and maintaining an ethical and responsible product positioning. This lies in the core of Vegever’s project, of which Mindesi is a member.

For the Planet

The modern leather industry is simultaneously killing the local environment and the people that work in it with a toxic slurry of chemicals. Furthermore, huge amounts of fossil fuels are consumed in livestock production each year  meaning the negative environmental impact is three times higher for cow-derived leather than for synthetic leather.

Choosing ethical footwear doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics and elegance. We aim to offer a more sustainable business and plan to continuously improve our production process by using even more environmentally friendly materials in the future.

For the Animals

All of our products are and will always remain 100% vegan. Our brand is devoted to using environmentally friendly methods and sustainable materials that are cruelty-free, approved by PETA and registered with the Vegan Society.  

For us, this undertaking is also about sharing the benefits with the world, especially with those without a voice. As a new company approach, we have decided to donate 5% of our revenue to good causes such as supporting shelters and associations working for the welfare of animals and the environment.

For the People

We care about all stakeholders involved in the production of our products and stand firmly behind the use of fair-trade materials and healthy labour conditions. Mindesi products are ethically made under European Union employment, discrimination, and health & safety laws. Our shoes are made with fair-trade 100% vegan materials from Italy.  

We have chosen to pay higher production costs in the EU as opposed to other regions that do not have such high labour and production standards. A price worth paying to ensure the fulfilment of Mindesi’s high ethical and labour standards.  

Taking a holistic approach at each and every step of our production process makes us proud of our work and optimistic about the future of the shoe fashion industry.  

We make sure that we guarantee fair prices for our products to customers and the people involved in the production process alike.  

We pay special attention to accessibility. Our website is simple and easy to use, so all users have equal access to information and functionality.  

We limit the use of online trackers and advertising because we are committed to ensuring the protection, confidentiality, and security of the personal data of the users of our services, as well as respecting their privacy.

For the Future

We have come a long way to create our first collection, find an ethical producer in Portugal and choose one of the best available vegan materials from Italy.  

Now we are excited to share all of that with you.  

Mindesi is part of Vegever, a private company with 2 partners. Up to date, we have not received any remuneration for this project. We commit to donating 5% of our revenue to projects that are in favour of the humanity and the animals, we will use the rest of the profit to sustain Mindesi and launch new projects working for the common good.  

We will keep you regularly updated on the impact and the results of those donations through our website, newsletter and social channels.